Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Quick visit from Granny and Grandpa

For about 10 days around Ian and Megs wedding we were lucky to have a visit from Granny and Grandpa. Brian and Anne were officiating the wedding so we were blessed to add some family time before and after.  Here are a few pics from their visit:

 Venables Family Photo

One day Granny and Grandpa took the kids to the St. Albert Spray Park

 In the truck on the way to the park
 Zachy getting soaked
 Popsicle break
 Zach trying out the bike/skate park next door
Kids playing in the water
 Granny & Grandpa bought Zach a sweet new bike helmet
 Zach and Abs helping Aubrey on her new bike

One day we went to the Sandpiper golf pitch and putt with the kids
 Granny played awesome!
 Grandpa and his little buddy
 Abs teeing her ball up
 Mum taking a mighty swing
 Nice one Abby!

In between the wedding and the reception the crew got up to no good!

 Silly pose

Finally, after Granny and Grandpa had gone home, we snapped this shot of Abby Face-timing with them. Very cute.

Holding the phone with her feet so she can use her hands to tell Granny a story

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ian & Megs Wedding

I have a lot of catching up to do on the blog so let's start with a most fantastic day.  Back on July 5th two of our best friends got married. Uncle Ian Burgess and Auntie Megan MacAulay. It was such a great day and we were so blessed that our family was a part of the big day.  Congrats Ian & Megs.  Here are some pics from before and of the big day:

 Flowers for the girls hair
 Megs and Chrissy getting pampered
 Nails too
 Time to do Megs hair
 Two beautiful bridesmaids
 Chrissy and Rachelle getting their hair done
 Sweet doo
 The finished product. awesome!
 Alexis, Sam and Chrissy
 Two studs before the wedding. Zachy and his Uncle Ian
 Looking good Gallimore boys
 Very proud of my boy

After the wedding we went to get some pictures taken in the park

 Syd and Zach watching videos waiting for their turn
 Ib and Kyle, the twin towers
 A little flower-girl attitude. awesome.
 My Gallitown girls
 Strike a pose
 So well behaved when Dora is babysitting
 Family Pics
 Megs having some fun
 The stunning Auntie Megs and my girl Abs taking a selfie
 Flower-girl selfie
 Chris and Megs
 The bridesmaid flowers
 Sisters? You think? lol
 Me and my girl at the reception
 My gorgeous wife and I
 Stud...oh wait...nice flowers B
 Couple of cool dudes
 Chrissy and her date for the day, Mr. Ib
 Stevie snacking between pictures and the reception
 Don't spill Stevie
 Mum and her crazy boy doing a selfie
 Nice smile selfie
 Mum stole a kiss. love this picture!
 WOW. Perfection
 Great pic. Gallitown all dolled up.
 Zach ready to catch the garter
 Selfie with Sue
Dancing with the beautiful bride.

What a great day. Congrats again you two. We couldn't be more happy for you!

Stay tuned for a bunch of pictures from our annual vacation to Penticton