Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Annabelle's First Birthday Party

On Sunday the 10th we helped celebrate Annabelle's 1st birthday.  Annabelle is my Cousin Courtney and Darrell's daughter. It was the coolest birthday party I've been to with jumpy castles, face painting, balloon animals, tons of food and candy and my favorite, SUMO wrestling for the adults!!!  Here are a few pictures and videos from the party.

Zach getting his face painted as a...
Ninja Turtle!!!
Abby getting her legs painted as...
Stars and butterflies
Close-up of the stars
This lady was so awesome! The painting was so cool! Here are the butterflies.

Time for SUMO Wrestling!!!!

Darrell and Steve getting ready
SUMO Steve

Here are 2 videos of SUMO Steve and SUMO Darrell battling

This one is of SUMO Steve trying the elbow drop and leg drop!!!

Abby and Annabelle watching the SUMO Wrestling
SUMO Brian and SUMO Burke
Ready? SUMO!!!
I got SUMO Burke down for the count!
Action pose! Go SUMO Brian!!!
The big boys battling

Here are two quick videos of SUMO Burke and SUMO Brian battling

SUMO wrestling was so tiring, especially when its sunny and 25C out!!!
Chrissy getting a sweet tattoo!!!
The Walrus and his Woman!!!
This lady was AWESOME!!!!!!!! so talented!
Leonardo with his two swords and balloon belt
Syd sitting with her Uncle George and Grandad
Burke got this tattoo done for Annabelle. He liked it so much he's thinking of getting it actually done!!! haha
Cake time! Go Annabelle Go!
She loved the cake!
Abby just loved spending time with Annabelle!
Abs and Annabelle playing
One last shot of the sweet Walrus tattoo! I totally want to get one but Chrissy won't let me :(

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Calaway Park 2014 - Part 2 of 2

After our great first day at Calaway Park we went to Uncle Tom and Auntie Shauna's house for a great BBQ.  The kids had a blast playing with little Tommy!

 Playing hockey
 Cooking for Uncle B
 Best buds
 Tommy had big hugs for his big buddy Zachy

On Sunday morning Abby and Zach got woken up by Ally and Syd 

 Ally just cuddles with Abby nicely
 Syd body-slammed Zach!!!

We then went over to Grandad and Grammee's trailer for Auntie Sue's Waffles. Grandma Lynn, Sandra, James, Claire and David came to enjoy breakfast with us.

 Zach and I with baby David
 Zach and David
 Sydney and David
 Abby just loves holding babies!
 Auntie Sandra and Claire

After breakfast we went back to the park to spend another day on the rides.  First stop was the big roller coaster so the kiddies had to wait a little longer to ride
 Grumpy they have to wait
 Just joking! Smiles
 Waving. Steve, Sue, Grandad and I are in the second car
 Coming down the stretch
 Coming out of a loop
 Whoo Hoo
 Our annual pic. this year we call it "The Syd" tongue stuck out pic.
  Abs and Daddy selfie
 Mum Zachy selfie
 The whole gang on the train
 Another group shot
 Another Daddy Daughter selfie
 Another Mommy Son selfie
 Checking out the engine
 Abby and Grandad ready to ride
 Grandad praying he will survive. He loves make his Granddaughter laugh!
 Big smiles
 Ally and her Mom ready to ride
 Whoo Hoo
 Twins? Holding their hats!
 Loving the ride
 Ally and Abs on the buggies
 Zach and Syd on the buggies
 Grandad and Abs on another big ride
 Hands in the air
 Enjoying the ride
 Mum with Zachy and Syd on the planes
 My beautiful wife
 Ally and her Uncle B
 Hands in the air and scream
 Plane smiles
 Hands in the air
 Most of Gallitown on the carousel
 Russell's on the carousel
 Ally on her horse
 Gallitown girls
 Thumbs up
 Cool dude
 Kids on the truck
 Zach with Auntie Sue. Great pic!
 Silly Zach with Auntie
 Zach in front of T-Rex

At lunch we stopped and watched a show. The kids, especially the girls, loved it!

 Abs watching
 Everyone joined the conga line! Even Mum!
 The girls got up and joined the dancers!
 Go Abby Go
 Love this pic. Great job Abs
 Syd cheer-leading
 Syd driving the Model T
 Selfie with Uncle B

At one of the games you could win animal touques. We won a few...

 Phil the Penguin
 Two Penguins and two Monkeys
 Silly kids
 Where did Abby and Zach go?
 Even Mum got herself a Penguin Touque

While we were hanging out relaxing after the park Syd and Auntie Chrissy had a little fun making faces...

 Big eyes
 LOVE this. This is Syd!!!
 Eye shot
 Selfie with her daughter

On the way home we had a couple of tired kiddies

 Snuggling one of her new buddies she won at the park
 Holding a new buddy and watching videos