Thursday, April 27, 2006

Oiler Fever

My office has been very supportive of the Oilers this week, they have encouraged many different Oiler activities, including "decorate your desk day" This was no problem for me, as we have a large amount of Oiler stuff, so I brought in some of it and decorated my desk. But NO ONE else in the office did, I felt like a huge geek, but I was having fun, so I didn't care, until my boss came over and presented me with a Certificate proclaiming me the #1 Oiler Fan at Phoenix Insurance. They took pictures and sent them to my whole office, I was so embarrassed. But oh well, it was worth it for the Oilers. Here are a few pics of my desk and the certificate presentation.

Today we had a dart throwing contest, the closest to the Oilers Bullseye wins a prize, well, beginners luck I guess, because my 1st dart landed right on the Oil drop, so I won! YAY. Here is a picture of me enjoying my prize. (Ok, I am not actually drinking it, I was just posing for a picture, not only am I pregnant, but I don't drink, A little ironic that I win a huge bottle of booze! Still not sure what I am going to do with it, although I am sure I will find a good home for it)

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Buh-Bye 1st Trimester... Hello Tummy!
I figured it was time for a baby update, however I wont bore you with all of the details... just a few.
We are now 13 weeks pregnant, so we are out of the first trimester. We had a doctors appointment today and everything went well. We were able to hear the heartbeat, and that is the coolest thing ever. Hearing the heartbeat of the little baby inside of you is an amazing experience! The baby's heart was beating at 145 beats per minute, which the doctor said was good, so I'll take her word for it. And my belly popped out, a little earlier than I thought it would, but I'll take it! So here is a picture of my belly. It isn't the greatest picture, but you get the idea!

Monday, April 10, 2006


Tonight Bri and I had the privilege of attending a Voice Recital. I had never been to one of these before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Our friend Kathleen Shippit was singing. She was amazing. I knew she could sing, but she just blew me away. She sang for an hour, and only one of the songs was in English, the rest were in German (I think). She sang Handel, Bach, Mozart, and some other crazy stuff. She did such a great job. We hadn't seen her in a few months, so it was good to see her again. Kathleen and I used to work together at Let's Play, this is a picture of us at our staff Christmas party in December 2002.
Way to go Kathleen you did an awesome job!