Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Halfway there

Sorry, there isn't much else to blog about other than Fernando...
20 weeks today, I can't believe it. We are already halfway there. I still haven't felt anything yet and it is starting to drive me nuts, I know I will soon, I just want to feel it now!!!
We have created an online Baby Pool for our family and friends to guess the gender, birthdate, and size of our baby. Go to on the top left where it says "invited guests" enter the name of the game which is "babyfernando" and then enter a guess.
Not much else is new in Gallitown, we are all doing well.
37 days until Penticton WOO HOO!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Go Oilers Go

We had the privilege of going to the Oiler game tonight, it wasn't the outcome we had hoped for, but that is ok, we will beat those ducks! Being the first playoff game that I had ever been too, we decided to get all decked out. I was even going to paint my belly up, but I chickened out and just did the face. I thought forsure we would make it on TV, but we didn't. Oh well. It was still a good time. Here are a few pics...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Fernando Update

We had our first ultrasound today, it was so cool. Little Fernando was moving around like crazy, it was hard to believe because I haven't really felt the him yet. Everything looked good, except he was looking down for most of it and then facing my back for the rest of the time. They were able to snap one picture, but that was the best they could do. The tech lady also told me that according to the baby's measurements, I am 18 weeks 4 days, not 17 weeks 6 days. So the baby is 5 days older than we thought. I dunno, everytime I am at the dr. they tell me a different time frame, so I am just going with a "due week" instead of a "due date".(No, that is not his manly parts in the middle of the picture, although that is what everyone thinks)
I also thought I would post a picture of my belly because it has grown quite a bit, it seems to be getting bigger everyday! oh well, at least people will know I am preggo now, and I wont be asked if I am shopping for someone else when I am in a maternity clothing store (yes, that actually happened!)oh and also, I keep saying "he" but we don't know what the sex of the baby is, and we don't want to know, we are just saying "he" because we are calling it Fernando right now.
Ok, there is the update for now. Hopefully I will feel Fernando soon and I will be able to post about that.
Until next time, keep fit & have fun!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Spring Cleaning

On Saturday Chrissy and I went to go play golf but when we got to the course we decided it was too cold and rainey to play. So we went home and decided to do some spring cleaning. Kinda sucked but finally we have the nursery back. It has been a storage room since we moved in. Here's a couple of pictures of me cleaning out our actual storage room, the messy hallway and Chrissy going through things in the nursery:

Also, today my Cousin Jason phoned me up and asked if I wanted to go to the Oiler game tomorrow night. It was a pretty easy answer so tomorrow night Big B and Cousin Wombold will be there cheering the Oil on at the top of our lungs!!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I Can't Believe It!!!

I am still in awe of last nights game. I can't believe the Oilers won, especially after the first two periods. But they came out in the 3rd like gangbusters and won the game 4-3 to move onto the 2nd round for the first time since '98. I am so pumped!


On another note, during Saturday afternoons game, which the Oilers also won, I made a deal with Keith that if the Oilers win, and Fernando Pisani wins the Conn Smythe as the playoff MVP, I WILL name my first kid (Due in October) after him. Fernando Gallimore. It's crazy. We have been calling the fetus Fernando (See March 20th post) and he has been playing so well. Chrissy even said before the game last night that Fernando would score two goals and he did. UNBELIEVABLE! I also got calls from the grandparents congradulating us on they're grandsons game. It's very funny.

Anyway, GO OILERS GO and go FERNANDO!!!