Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bye Bye Sunfire

Well Tuesday morning started out like any other day, I had dropped Bri off at work like I do every day and was heading to my office. I was a block away, stopped in the left lane waiting to turn left when all of a sudden.... KERSPLAT. I was rear ended. It totally caught me off guard, I didn't even see the guy coming, I was watching the on coming traffic, waiting to turn. I wont go into detail, but he smoked me pretty good, there was quite a bit of damage, so we pulled off the main road, and I called the police. At the same time a lady that I work with saw what had happened from her office window and called 911, knowing that I was prego. The fire truck and ambulance where there right away and checked me out. That was pretty cool, I had never been in an ambulance before. I didn't go anywhere, they just checked to make sure everything was good. My blood pressure & heart rate were pretty high, but everything else seemed fine. The paramedics suggested that I go to my doctor to make sure baby was ok. So I did and the doctor said everything seemed fine, the baby's heart rate was normal, but just to pay close attention to anything that may feel different for the next few days. My back hasn't stopped hurting since it happened, which sucks, 'cause there isn't much I can do about it. If it keeps up, I'll go see a physio therapist or something. But it could have been a lot worse.
The crappy part is that is sounds like the sunfire is going to be written off. We haven't heard from the adjuster yet, but the autobody place says it is a write off, so we are just waiting to hear forsure. Anyway... we stopped by the autobody place tonight so Bri could see the car and to take pictures, so here you go!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

We're Back!

What a great vacation. It doesn't get much better than Penticton for 2 weeks. We got home late last night after 12+ hours in the car, our backs are hurting, but it was so nice to get home and see our pups.
We only have 401 pictures of the 2 weeks, so you better grab a chair... just jokes! We don't want to bore you, we'll only share a few...
Blogger is being stupid so I can't explain each pic, so here is a summary. We played a lot of golf, both mini and the real thing, we hung out at the beach, we ate, and then there are a few other pics of the holiday.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

See you later...

Well the Aztek is packed, I am officially on vacation, and in just over 12 hours, Bri will be too! We are off to Penticton for 2 weeks and we are so excited about it. We will miss the dogs, but they will be in good hands (Thank you Uncle Rico and Granny & Grandpa). Bri is working tomorrow morning, and I have to go for my Gestational Diabetes test. I've been studying all day, I hope I pass. I'm not really looking forward to it and I am hoping that they will let me nap while I wait.
We will be sure to take lots of pictures to share with you when we get back.
Until next time, Keep Fit & Have Fun.
Peace out from Gallitown!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What a day in Gallitown

Well it has been quite a day...
I had a doctors appointment today, everything went well, Fernando is doing great, and I am measuring a little small (woo hoo, and I thought I was big). But that isn't the exciting part...
We also went to the bottle depot and returned all of our bottles, just to give you some idea of how many we had, we filled both cars! BUT I think we got ripped off again, 'cause we only got $119.20. I was thinking more $150ish, but oh well. That isn't the exciting part either, this is...
Bri plays in a ball hockey league, tonight was his last game of the season because we are leaving for vacation on Friday. He has survived the whole season without an injury until tonight. Somehow someone shoved their stick at Brians foot and it bent his toe nail back, Not sure how it happened as he was wearing socks and running shoes. It happened in the first half and he kept playing. When I saw the toe after the game I thought we should go and get it looked at, seeing as how the nail wouldn't bend back to where it should be. So off we went to the late night clinic by our house. We got there at 11:15, and the waiting room wasn't to full, so we figured we wouldn't be there to long, well we were wrong. After 2 hours of people watching, it was finally our turn. The medicentre closed at 1:00, we didn't see a nurse until after they were closed! BRUTAL! While we were waiting though, Bri kept picking at his toe, completely ignoring me telling him not to, until a nurse walked by and gave him heck, I laughed, and he stopped trying to fix it himself. Anyway, so we finally get into the room and this nurse practitioner comes in and has a look at it,Bri suggests that they freeze it and bend it back, she agrees, but she calls the doc in to look at it. He says we have 3 options... bend it back, cut it off, or take the whole nail off! We opted for the bend it back. So she sticks a needle in each side of the base of Bri's big toe to freeze it, we waited for about 15 minutes, but it still wasn't numb, so in went more freezing, finally another 15 minutes later, it was good to go. She got out the forceps (sp?) and bent it back, and that was it, they sent us on our way. Bri now figures he should be a medical consultant because they tool his suggestion. But the frezzing/bending process took an hour, so we were at the medi centre for 3 hours all together, and now it is close to 3am, and I need to go to bed. But I will leave you this picture of Bri's toe...