Friday, November 24, 2006

Our little Eskimo

Abby is 5 weeks old today. Her and I just went out for a little shopping trip, but we had to cut it short because she was being a crank-pot, I am guessing she is tired. Last night was a rough night, she decided she didn't want to sleep, she wanted to be wide awake and cry. Bri tried for an hour but couldn't get her to sleep, so I tried and had no luck, not even her swing would work, she was just not a happy girl. I hope that is a normal baby thing and it doesn't mean she is getting sick or something, but I also hope it doesn't happen often, 'cause I am tired!
Anyway, apart from last night, she is doing really well, normally she sleeps for 4 hour stretches at night. I weighed her on Monday and she was 9lbs 11 oz, so she is growing well. Here is a pic of her in her jacket from Kirst and her family, it is perfect for this cold weather, and she looks like an eskimo.


Anonymous said...

That last pic is awesome - I love it! She is one trendy baby I tell ya!

Auntie Beth said...

sorry to hear last night was roungh! And yes sometimes they just cry and won't sleep. Logan has been doing that today, but during the day not night, thankfully! He has been awake since 3pm and it is now 7:45, he usually has another nap by now, but he isn't being happy and awake, he is cranky, so fun!
Did you buy anything? or just get out of the house? shopping is so fun! Love her eskimo coat, see you guys tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are hilarious! Abigail sounds like a normal baby to me. Both my kids were big on crying a lot and not sleeping. I feel your pain and it will most likely last a while....sorry! I found the thing that helped the most was a bit of a routine and lots of rocking. Zoƫ likes to be wrapped tight with a soother and be rocked while being shhhhhhed and her bum patted.......sounds like a complicated way to get a baby to sleep but it usually just takes 2 minutes. It is so hard and frustrating when they don't let you sleep. It's hard to know what is wrong sometimes. I hope you get a better sleep tonight!

Anonymous said...

She looks so cute in her princess jacket. I knew it was perfect for her as soon as I saw it. I hope tonight is a better night for you.

Tammy & Jeremy said...

She's so cute! I love the booties with the coat!

Maya loves static when she is trying to go to sleep so we tune the radio to some non-station and she falls fast asleep. They say it helps calm them because it sounds a lot like the womb. Thankfully for us, she is sleeping in 7-9 hour stretches now and has been for a number of weeks. However, she drools a lot during the day and can't stop biting things. I know it's early but I think she is starting to teethe. Apparently it can happen as early as 3 months and she is almost 2 now.

Gotta run get my babes.