Friday, December 15, 2006

8 Weeks

Miss Abigail is 8 weeks old today, I cannot believe it, time has just flown by, but at the same time it feels like she has been here forever! She has been such a good girl this week. I went into work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week to help out, and I brought Abby with me, she was such a good girl being there all day, but man were we pooped. And then we went out on Thursday too to have lunch with Bri. And ontop of all of that, we finished up the Thank you cards and Christmas cards and put them in the mail, FINALLY! So sorry, I have no stats on her today, I was to tired to go out and get her weighed.
I do have a funny story though...
A few weeks ago, Bri made a snowman on the front lawn, we put a toque and scarf on him, and he looked pretty good (the snowman, not bri, although bri does look good to... anyway...) One day this week when I was leaving for work I noticed foot prints in the snow right up to the snowman, and sure enough, the scarf was gone! Who does that? I hope it was someone who was really cold and needed it to stay warm. But I just couldn't believe it, someone stole my scarf off of our snowman!
Anyway, enough babble for today, I'll leave you with some more pics from the night of Rico's photo shoot with Abs.


Matthew & Lindsey said...

8 weeks... wow! She's such a sweetheart.
Okay, that snowman thing makes me laugh. If they're going to take the scarf, at least take the toque to match! C'mon already. See you Sunday!

Anonymous said...

The nerve of some people taking the scarf. And just so you know I wish I looked as good as you do after my kids were 8 weeks. Wow you look great!