Thursday, February 01, 2007

Abby's 1st Oiler Game

The band was playing the national anthem at the Oiler game last night, so we thought it would be the perfect time to take Abby to her first Oiler game. I was a little worried, but she did great!
We were able to go underneath where all of the players come in. Steve and Abby and I were just hanging out while the band was doing a soundcheck. I was all prepared with an Oiler bib and a sharpie, but I was such a chicken. The players would walk by, look right at us and smile, but I just couldn't ask for an autograph. Bergeron was even checking me out! Steve saw it too! I am kicking myself now for being such a chicken, stupid me, I should have just asked for their autographs!

Anyway, Abby did great. The first time the Oil scored, the screaming and the loud horn sound scared her, but after that she was fine. She had a little nap in the 1st, and I had to take her for a little walk for part of the 2nd, and then slept for most of the 3rd, even when the Oil scored again! She slept right through the cheers and loud horn! (that's our daughter!) Fernando even had 3 points, he must have known Abby was there. And the Oil won! It was a great night!


Kirst said...

I think Abby is starting to look like you Chrissy. I really noticed it in the first picture. She is getting so big. Miss you guys.

Angie said...

That's so awesome!