Friday, February 02, 2007

Chrissy's 25th Birthday!!!

Today is Chrissy's 25th Birthday! I hope she has an awesome day! a quarter century old...pretty soon it will be old lady Chrissy! JK
We love you Chrissy!
Love Brian, Abby, The Duke and Bear!


Kirst said...

Happy Birthday Chrissy!
I hope you have a wonderful relaxing day and you get spoiled. I love that picture, at the bottom, of you and Abby. So cute!

Matthew & Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Chrissy!!!
That is the most precious picture I have EVER seen!!!!! Is that Rico magic?

Anonymous said...

Are you going to teach Abby the correct way to wear an orange peel?

Happy Birthday, Love M-S XX

Sue K said...

Happy 25th Birthday Chrissy!
That picture at the bottom is totally adorable!!!
It is gorgeous.
Hoep you have a great day!

K said...

happy birthday! i hope you have a great one and that 25 is a good year.

BethJoy said...

Happy Birthday!
I'm sure you're going to have an awesome day, Brian staying home with you and of course your visit from me and my mom and the boys and Zoe. Quite the zoo I borught over, but glad we could see you today!
That picture of you and Abby by Barb is so beautiful, you both look so peaceful!
She looks like a model baby.
Someone else commented on my blog, have you tried again lately? don't know what the problem is, except that I blocked anyone with the name Chrissy from commenting -JK!!
Love ya Happy 25th

sarah said...

Happy Birthday Chrissy!
That Last Picture of You and Abby
is Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I love that picture of you and Abby laying down together. SO sweet!

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Chrissy!!!!

I totally forgot we shared the same birthday!


Lori Jolliffe said...

Happy Birthday beautiful Lady!

LefthandedSocks said...

Happy Birthday Chrissy!

That last picture of you and Abby is absoultely beautiful.

I hope you had a wonderful day!

Miranda said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day!