Monday, February 12, 2007

Pics from the weekend

Our Pink Bear

Daddy-Daughter nap time

Hundreds of birds in our back yard on Sunday Morning, a little creepy!

Do you think we need a bigger nursery at church?? They are in the process of renovating it to make it better. These aren't even all of the babies, they were just the ones in there at the time. I think the oldest in this picture is about 9 months old, and the youngest is a few weeks old. (starting on the far left, going clockwise: Carly, Micah, Kassidy, Anna, Logan, Abby)

Micah - Abby - Logan

Abby and her daddy in their Sunday best

Our little Teletubbie and her Uncle Mike


Angie said...

I think it's cool that some babies have the same look to them at certain ages. Like when I look at Kassidy and Logan, they both have that 6 month look to them - they look similar. Cool!
I want to squish all those babies together in one big hug. I love that picture. Especially litte Anna trying to eat Kassidy's arm. : )

Kirst said...

You guys are getting quite the clan of babies up there. I definately think you need a new nursery. With that many it can get squishy.
Abby is getting cuter and cuter.

BethJoy said...

Woo hoo on all the babies! They are so great. Look at my son's red cheeks. I love anna eating kassidy's arm too, great.

Miranda said...

I think Logan looks like he's getting some teeth there. Such cute babies.