Friday, February 23, 2007

Squirmy Wormy

I just went down to check on Abby, and this is how I found her, she has been like this the last few mornings, but not during nap time. I've been putting her near the end of the crib now, but I think it might be time for the bumper pads, don't want her hitting her head. And yes, she is in her jammies from last night still. I have been lazy today.

Speaking of lazy... if you know me, you know that I hate to clean, and I don't like cooking, usually because I burn things. Well I am cooking dinner again today, this is getting a little crazy, and I am about to vacuum, and Bri didn't even ask me to do it. CRAZY! I know that cooking and cleaning are things that most people do everyday, but for me, this is big! I have gotten quite lazy since being on Mat leave, I am not to sure how I am going to go back to work. Oh well... better go vacuum.
Have a great weekend everyone!


RainbowBrite said...

Woot woot! Go Chrissy!

I understand and cleaning both not high on my list of things to do

Matthew & Lindsey said...

We had to do the same thing! Add the bumper pads a month or so ago because of that! It's funny, you go in there and their little heads are all folded up in the corner...

As for cooking, maybe you'd like to join me at Simply Supper in March? Check out the website.

BethJoy said...

sleeping babies are so cute! If I didn't use Logan's sleep blanket bag thingy he would never have his blankets on in the morning!

Kirst said...

Here, here. I hate cleaning. I do like to cook but haven't had the energy. My poor family is lacking. Taylor actually asked for no soup today. Spending time with your daughter is most important anyway. And of course you need some you time and who wants to clean during that time. That time is for bon bons and tv. ( According to Nathan that is all mom's do anyway so we might as well do it sometimes.)

Lori said...

Forget the cleaning for now. You would be surprised to learn how many people actually do not have immaculate home. They are really only found in magazines-and people with no children to mess them up.
Don't feel badly about not cleaning or whatever. It'll get done one way or another.
You are doing such a good job. Nobody is going naked. And who says people have to wear different clothes every day? That just makes more laundry.
You are doing a great job Chrissy.
Bon Bons...mmmmmm!
Kirst has a point. ;)

Tammy & Jeremy said...

Maya has managed to break free of her security pillows and her swaddle for a couple of months now. Most of the time I find her up in the corner of her bed, just like Abby. Thank goodness for bumper pads. They really do work! She's almost starting to sit-up in her crib's nuts!

PS. We all need help with our house....but just keep telling yourself that your baby matters the most. I usually clean thoroughly on the weekends - as long as our house stays tidy during the week. Otherwise I do some tidying up during the week.

Matthew & Lindsey said...

Now I want bon bon's.