Friday, March 16, 2007

Pics from the week

Sitting with Grandpa

Looking at a picture of herself on Grandpa's blackberry, she loves that thing!

Hangin out with Daddy at his office

Chillin after swimming

Sitting with Kassidy & Connor after swimming while their mommy's eat and chat. Thanks Ladies, it was a great afternoon!


Matthew & Lindsey said...

Wow! Quick on the post Chrissy! I love how Kassidy is waving!

RainbowBrite said...


Angie said...

Brian, your desk looks too tidy. Either you're working too hard or you don't have enough to do! (haha - I'm just teasing). : )

Tammy & Jeremy said...

It's funny to see your dad teaching Abby the ins and outs of the blackberry world...haha.

It is fun times in the pool isn't it?!