Sunday, March 25, 2007

What a Wiikend

We are sore! We have been playing the Wii all weekend. Who would have thought playing a video game could make you sore, but I guess we are not used to bowling, boxing, golfing, playing baseball and tennis!

Here are some pics:



Playing Soniic with Uncle Steve

All Wii'd out



Matthew & Lindsey said...

LOL, that last picis so cute! How does daddy like her short skirt with her "panties" peeking out? Is that what she wore to church on Sunday? LOL... SO CUTE!!

Tammy & Jeremy said...

That's funny how she is sucking on the controller. Maya sucks on EVERYTHING too. I absolutely love the Diva outfit too. What a sweetie.

RainbowBrite said...

I loved her outfit too Chrissy!

BethJoy said...

I love the winter shawl with a t-shirt and bare legs, very stylish, oh and then the winter boots:) The boots are great, Logan wore his in August last summer when he was first born, they work even if it is warm outside!
That post title is perfect for your Wiikend! I am still sore and it is monday! When can we come and play some more!!

Evey said...

Our landlords son (we live in their basement suite) got a Wii for Christmas and we were playing it with them on Boxing day and the next day both Chris and I were so sore. What a great way to keep in shape. hehe.

Kirst said...

Looks like fun. I too like Abby's Diva outfit. Too cool.