Thursday, April 19, 2007

Family Pictures

We got some pictures done at Sears a few weeks ago, we picked them up last night. Here are a few:


Kirst said...

They turned out really well. We just had Quint's done and a of both kids. It was brutal. Neither wanted to sit still.
Abby is so cute! I miss you guys!

LefthandedSocks said...

Abby's got such attitude in that last one. I love it.

Tammy & Jeremy said...

Fun Pictures! We are supposed to get ours back tomorrow. I hope they are not delayed. I will scan and post some when we get them.
Love the expression on Abby's face in the bucket!
Sorry to hear about all the snow!

RainbowBrite said...

I love those pictures of Abby, she is just so smiley!

Matthew & Lindsey said...

These turned out really great! Obviously your photographer knew what they were doing, unlike the one we had at Sears at Christmas time!

Anonymous said...

I love your baby, in a not so creepy way. So precious