Monday, April 02, 2007

I just wanna golf!!!

This past weekend I went to Golftown and bought a new driver. The Taylormade R7 460
I was so happy and pumped to golf. Then, I walked up the stairs this morning to a snow storm. I am SO sick of winter! I just wanna golf. Thank God it's only 30 days till I get to go to Kelowna for our annual G-8 Golf Tournament.
Let's all start prayin for some Sun and Hot Weather!
Big B


Big dawg said...

Handicap down to 8

Evey said...

This past weekend Chris and I hit about 5 different golf stores and Chris was hitting club after club, he never ended up buying one. I am sure before the week is out he will have a new one. I think we are going to hit a golf course this weekend. So glad the weather is finally here for it and all the snow is gone from the courses. At least here anyways.

Kirst said...

I hear ya Big B. I am so sick of this weather. It's spring after all.

Angie said...

Am I alone? I LOVE this snow! Every time I look out the window I get a grin on my face and my heart warms up. Well, I guess if I had a summer sport I enjoyed, like golf, I'd be ticked too....but I don' I LOVE it! : )