Thursday, April 12, 2007

I Love Children's Place!

I had a great shopping trip today. I went to The Children's Place and I got some sweet deals! $214.50 worth of clothes for $32.89!!!! I KNOW!!!! Crazy! Everything was $2.99 I could have bought way more, but I wouldn't have felt like I got such good deals if I ended up spending a lot of money. I am pretty pumped. I love buying Abby stuff on sale, I hate paying full price when she is going to outgrow it in a few months. Here is a pic of my sweet buys:

And for those of you who couldn't care less about my shopping trip... here is a pic of Abby and her Daddy Chillaxin... so cute...makes me melt!


BethJoy said...

All of that for $32! WOW. That sure is fun, hey! You get to spend money but not too much and you still get LOTS of stuff, WAY to GO!

Kirst said...

I wish we had a Children's place outlet. I too hate to pay full price for the kids. Although mine don't seem to grow as fast as some babies.
Those outfits are too cute!
I too love Daddy and baby pictures. There is something so special about them.

Tammy & Jeremy said...

Babies R Us is the same way down here. They have clearance racks and everything is usually priced around $5 - $8. I go mad in there, but Jeremy keeps me on a tight leash...haha.

By the way, I am wearing the same pink pants that Abby is wearing in those pictures (minus the feet of course). SO COMFY!

Angie said...

Good deal shopping! I was planning on going shopping for myself today, so I MAY just have to stop in at Children's Place. : )

I love the sweat pants Abby is wearing. Kassidy has the same pair and I always think she looks like a cuddly little teddy bear in them.

Evey said...

Great deal on the clothes. Shopping is much more fun when you get things for that cost.

I love the pic of Abby and Bri, so sweet.