Thursday, April 19, 2007


No this isn't a picture from January, this was taken this morning, April 19th!!!! YIKES!!!! All of the snow had melted, why is it coming back????? Gotta love Alberta!

We took the Youth Group kids to the Waterpark on Saturday, it was good, although would have been better if the kiddie stuff was actually open. Abby had a great time chillin with her Daddy.


Matthew & Lindsey said...

GASP!!! Is that a PEPSI bottle in Abby's hands? Traitor!

kathleen said...

Oh, we missed you guys on Saturday but glad you had fun at the waterpark! Too bad spending the day at the beach in Edmonton means stinky chlorine, and dirty stairs! I say a beach is a beach though, I'd have been there in a second, even though I can't go on any slides!