Monday, May 28, 2007

Busy Weekend

We had a busy, but great, weekend.

Abby and I got to spend Friday with Lori, Steve, Emma, & Oliver, and then Bri joined us for dinner. It was really nice to see them again, thanks for the visit guys!

Saturday Morning we got up bright and early to go to the St. Albert Rainmaker Rodeo Parade. The band was playing in it, so Abby and I decided to go and watch. Abby loved it, and loved seeing her daddy march in a parade, and she got pretty excited when she saw horses!

Saturday night we had Youth Group. It was a great event, and even better because we didn't have to plan it or do anything other then participate! The evening ended with a food fight, it was a lot of fun. Sorry, no pictures of the fight, we were all quite dirty though!

Sunday we went over to my Mum and Dad's for lunch. It hit me afterwards that it was probably the last "sunday lunch" we will have at my parents house here in Edmonton. That made me sad. I know we will have plenty of meals at their new place in Regina, but it just hit me yesterday that they are really moving and the house I spent so much time in wont be theirs anymore. Anyway, I'll move on before I start bawling and wont be able to finish this post.

Sunday night the band put on a musicale. It was very good. The band played a bunch of fun pieces, which is the type of band music I enjoy. And Abby loved the music, of course!


Matthew & Lindsey said...

I didn't know your parents were moving away! Sorry to hear that Chrissy :(

Kirst said...

That is such a great picture of your mom and Abby. You guys had quite the weekend. I can't wait to see you in Penticton.

Susan said...

Sadly, I didn't realize the giant Sally Ann was someone in a costume until we were lining up for the parade, despite the fact that I was standing right behind it on the float for the ride up.

Nice pictures!