Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Just the two of us

Abby and I survived our 5 days without Bri. He was golfing in Kelowna, and is burnt to a crisp, but he had a good time. I am glad he is home though, I have a new respect for single parents, it is tough without a second set of hands.
Not much else is new in Gallitown. I'll leave you with some pics:


Ariel & Abby, Thank you Auntie Megs, she loves it!

Abby's Spokane Chiefs jersey from cousin Burke

Does anyone else's kid pull the blanket over their head every night?

Garbage day in gallitown... that's right 28 bags of leaves and 3 bags of garbage


Matthew & Lindsey said...

hey, that's so strange! I was a single parent last week too - from Tuesday to Sunday! We should have hooked up and given each other a hand. Man, I just love your hair!

sarah said...

Those bathtime pics are so cute! She has such amazing blue eyes, I love them!

Kirst said...

I here you on the single parent thing. I'm not sure how they do it. Glad you survived. Looks like she loves her Ariel doll.
We seem to have a lot of garbage too. Not that much. Now I don't feel so bad. Talk soon.

BethJoy said...

The nice thing about alleys is you don't have to have your garbage on your front lawn for everyone to see! Your lawn looks great, it is nice everything is finally getting green again. That is a lot of leaves you had! Do you still use the sleep divider thing for abby to sleep every night?

Evey said...

Thats funny about the blanket over her head. ha! Cute pics