Wednesday, June 27, 2007

250 Days Old!

I haven't posted Abby's stats in a while, and since I am a slacker with the baby book, I need to do it on here so that I can go back and look! She turned 8 months old last week while we were away, and she is 250 days old today! I thought she had grown a ton while we were away and I was anxious to weigh and measure her when we got back. Well I did, and she is 15lbs 10oz and 27" which is only 2 oz more and half and inch longer then she was at 6 months old. I am a little worried that she basically hasn't grown in 2 months! And I know that scales are different and stuff, but I weighed her both times on the same scale. She is eating like there is no tomorrow, so I figured it was a growth spurt, but no weight gain. I know she is also more active now, but shouldn't she be gaining a little weight? I know I worry to much, but I am a mum, its my job to worry!

Anyway, she also got 4 more teeth while we were away, so she is no longer "Fang Girl". She has 7 now: 4 on top and 3 on the bottom.

We have also discovered a new "trick" that Abby does. Our camera is set to flash 4 times when taking a picture (for red eye and stuff). No matter what Abby is doing, by the time the 4th flash goes, she is looking at the camera and smiling, even if you aren't taking a picture of her! It is hilarious! And her new favorite toy is a straw, she grabs onto it and wont let it go. I now keep a stash of them in my diaper bag!

Ok, there is your Abby update. The pics are ones that my cousin Shannon took while we were in Ontario.


BethJoy said...

Those are cute pics! Every kid is so different, some grow into monsters (like my boys) and others not so much. Look at her smiley face and chubby cheeks, I don't think she is suffering in any way!
Did she drink formula when you were away? How did she do?

Kirst said...

Take it from a mom who worries about weight and height, and also has small kids. I don't think you have anything to worry about. She looks like she is growing up very healthy. Is she moving lots because that makes a difference. My kids were around the same weight but shorter. And normally boys are bigger. She is so beautiful and smiley. No worries, buddy!

Katherine said...

She's so adorable, Chrissy! It was really great to see you and the family again, and to meet Brian and Abby! What a beautiful baby. I'm glad you had a good trip to this side of the country! Give Abby a big hug for me. :-)

Matthew & Lindsey said...

Those are cute pics! Her and Connor have the exact same teeth through, and he was fangs for a while too! We need to get together. Is she crawling yet?