Friday, June 15, 2007

And We're Off!!!!

Just finishing up the last minute stuff before heading to the airport. Try not to miss us tooooooo much. We might just post while we are in Ontario, so check back for updates!

If you have ever been around Abby, you will know that this is her excited face/arms. I'm just not sure if she is more excited about the leg jewelery she discovered or for our trip. We are all a little excited, I think I am the most. It has been way to long since I have seen all of my family. I'm just a little nervous about an 8 month old the flight. Wish us luck!


Ian McKenzie said...

Have a good time, even though it's Toronto. ;) Say hello to Jed and Iris for us.

BethJoy said...

I wish we could go on a holiday right now too, but we will be in TO in october, YAY!!
Have tons and tons of fun :)

Did she put that ring on her self and then lay down?? TOO CUTE

We have to get a pic of Lo and Abs with their matching shirst on one day before Logan is too big for his which will be any day seeing as it is 6-9 months size!!

Kirst said...

Have a great time! Hopefully Abby was good for you on the plane. I couldn't imagine taking my kids on one. Can't wait till you get back and to hear about your trip.
I like her excited look.