Wednesday, June 06, 2007

An Update

Apparently people are waiting for a new post, so here you go... an update from Gallitown.

We said goodbye to Azzy on Friday. It was a sad day. Azzy was good to us.

But we said Hello to The Black Stallion. I really like her, she is quite pretty.

We took the Stallion camping on the weekend, so Megan got to drive the Betty-lou, she was quite excited about it. Stay tuned for pics for the Betty-Lou crew. We went to women's camp, it was nice to have a weekend away.
Abby liked sitting in the trailer looking at everyone outside. She couldn't quite figure out why she couldn't grab on to people though.

She also cut 2 more teeth on the weekend. Another one on the bottom and her other fang on top. I am a little worried, she now has both fangs and neither of her middle teeth on top. Oh well, it is cute! I tried getting a picture of one of her fangs, this is the best I could do.

And just a few more random Abby pics for you:

That is about it from Gallitown. We've got a busy week and weekend ahead, so I am sure there will be more to post about soon. And we head to Ontario in just over a week. I am pretty excited!


Kirst said...

That's what we call our pathfinder. Black Stallion. Too funny.

Matthew & Lindsey said...

Sweet Ride!!

Tammy & Jeremy said...

That's funny that Abby got her "fangs" before her other two teeth. Maya has her bottom 2 teeth and the top 2 teeth now. She's constantly grinding them and I am constantly putting her binkie in her mouth to make her stop. She has also discovered how to open the cupboard doors too so I suppose I will have to get some guards for them.
Great Abby pics. She is getting so much older looking.

sarah said...

I love the fangs!

Miranda said...

Abby is such a cutie!

kristen said...

where are you going to be in ontario? let us know if you are in our neck of the woods!

(and the fangs are adorable)