Monday, June 11, 2007

The Weekend

Another busy weekend in Gallitown:

Looking at the fish at Uncle Mike & Auntie Megan's:

"I LOVE H & M":

Sitting with Granny & Grandpa on their last Sunday at Edmonton Temple:

Asleep on Granddad at Bri's ball hockey game:

And the "Betty-Lou Crew": (Thanks Megs)


BethJoy said...

I especially like the dropped straw on the floor in the last picture! Abby's straw addiction is soo cute!
Did Megan make the shirts?

Kirst said...

I like the shirts. Abby has a straw addiction?

kathleen said...

Baby Shippit loves H&M too! Or it better, because I like cheap baby clothes!

RainbowBrite said...

I did make the shirts. Abby was adorable on Sunday!

Matthew & Lindsey said...

I especially like the photo of her on your mom's lap - just the back view. It's so cute how she's just sitting there like such a lovely lady.