Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sad and Lonely

I am sad and lonely.

My wife and baby girl have left me.

Chrissy and Abby are in Regina living it up. Shopping, hanging with Granny and Grandpa (Anne and Brian), going to shows and who knows what else. And here I am, all alone, just me and the pups.

I went golfing yesterday. Had the worst round in about 3 years. I am a bad golfer. Should be sent to the corner! haha

I am totally blaming Chrissy and Abby for my bad round! haha

The good news is I get to fly out to Regina on Friday to spend the weekend there and then drive back on Monday. I am looking forward to it!

Please come home family!

Big B


Kirst said...

Aw Bri! How will you manage? you get to see them tomorrow. And we need to seriously figure out a good weekend for a visit.

Chrissy & Brian said...

We miss you too B!!!!
Can't wait to see you!
Only 1 more sleep.

Matthew & Lindsey said...

Too funny!