Monday, September 10, 2007

Haven't you always wanted a monkey?

Not much to report in Gallitown today. Abby is still growing. I got her a halloween costume today. Our little Monkey will be a Monkey for halloween, and she looks so darn cute in the costume. I was going to post a pic, but I'll save it until halloween.
Life is starting to get busy again. Bri is taking a course on Thursday nights, it starts this week. I'm trying to study for my course that is in 2 weeks, and Abby starts part-time at the dayhome next week, I can't believe my year is over already!

And Abby just wanted to wish her Uncle Mike a Happy Birthday, even though he says he never reads the blog, maybe he will today. Happy Birthday Mike! We love you!

We went to IKEA on Friday night, Abs was tired from walking around so she had to take a break!


Kirst said...

Good choice on the monkey. That was Taylor was last year. This year a skunk, but she says she's not stinky. I think you need to get Abby a chair like that. Quinten loves ours. I can't believe your year is up too. Good luck with the exam.

Tammy & Jeremy said...

Sorry that your year is up. Are you planning to work full time or just part time now? Will she be at Beth's dayhome? I liked that Monkey costume idea too but Jeremy wants Maya to be a butterfly. I think he really likes her being a girlie girl and that is why her room is pink & purple. She may not be able to go trick-or-treating this year because I am due the day after Halloween, but we'll see what happens. If we have this baby early, we may need 2 costumes!
Cute Picture of Abby. Oh and...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!

Angie said...

I like the monkey costume. I bet Abby will look adorable in it.

You guys have a busy September already. Good luck with the courses, and good luck with preparing your mind with going back to work. I'll be thinking about you!

BethJoy said...

Is it the monkey from Old Navy?? I got it for Logan, cause we call the boys our 'little monkeys' !! They only had 1 when I got it, and no big ones (Jonah size) which is what I really wanted.
Hope you're week goes okay next week with leaving Abby at her day home! Hopefully it will be nice to get back to work for you. Even though it will be incredibly hard to leave Abby :(

Matthew & Lindsey said...

Dayhome... hard times! Good luck with that. Do you have plans to keep busy while she's there?
Monkey - can't wait to see the pics. We got Connor a Turtle outfit but haven't tried it on yet. So silly to have costumes when they're so young, but so much fun!

Chrissy & Brian said...

Tammy: I am going back full time in October, I just wanna start Abby slowly into the dayhome, more for me then her:) And no she isn't going to Beth's dayhome, its a long story, probably best not to get into it!