Thursday, November 08, 2007

Looking out the front

Sorry it has been a while since we updated. We've had a busy week or so...

We finally got Abby a proper car seat for Bri's car, so we turned her around last night, and then in my car tonight. And she loves looking out of the front of the car, and I love being able to see her face. She is doing well, still not walking, but so close!

And now for the really exciting news... We bought a new house on Saturday! We are so excited. But we did things a little backwards, our house wasn't even listed yet! So after a few days of intense cleaning and de-cluttering (with some help, thanks guys) our house was listed on Monday night. We are just praying that it sells fast, as we will be moving into our new house before Christmas! So if you know anyone who is looking for a house, let us know!
In sticking with the post title, here is a picture looking out of our new front door:


Nicole said...

CONGRATULATIONS. WOW you are growing up so fast. ;) Where is the new place? Still in Sherwood park? If i had the money I would buy your place.

Miranda said...

wowee! Congrats on the new house!

Angie said...

Looks like a fancy neighbourhood. That's very exciting!!!
Isn't it wonderful having Abby face forwards? I love it too. It is very distracting too though, for me, because I keep wanting to turn around and talk to my sweet pea!

BethJoy said...

Congrats on the new house again! I sure hope your house sells fast, especially with christmas coming, you don't need that stress!
Way to go on turning around Abby.

kristen said... news

i hope the old place sells really quickly!

Kirst said...

Yeah for a new house. Come on house sell! I'm chanting that as I type.

Sue Agerbak said...

I LOVE your new house.
So exciting!
And don't worry about the old one, just wait.
The right person will come along who will love it and just have to have it!!
Abby is such a cutie.
I bet she can't wait to get into the new house either, now that she's a big girl in her car seat. :P

Tammy & Jeremy said...

Where is your new house? Can't wait to see pictures of it. Do you think your house will sell fast? My father has had his (in Calgary) on the market for a couple of months now and still no bites. Is it the same in Edmonton?

Abby is growing fast:)