Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It is about time for a post...

Sorry, we've been blog slackers lately. Nothing new and exciting in Gallitown. Abby and I both have dr's appointments tomorrow, so stay tuned for an Abby update and a BabyGalli update, and probably a picture of my big belly. On a side note, while Abby was in my tummy, she was "Fernando", this one doesn't have a "tummy" name yet, we are taking suggestions if you've got any...
Here are some pics from the last few weeks, a few from our trip to Regina, and of course, some of Abby:


Being Silly

Hanging in the backyard

All ready for church

Abby and her new cousin Lexi

I couldn't resist


BethJoy said...

Can't wait to hear updates on how your two babies are doing (abby & bellybaby).
Is Abby going for an 18 month old check-up?
I am so bad at taking my boys for those. They get all their immunizations on schedule, but after 12 months, I try and remember every year around their birthday to take them. Except when I took Jonah for his 4 year this Jan. she said she hadn't seen him since he was 2, WHOOPS. I guess having Logan as a newborn and everything you have to take them to I neglected my firstborn.
P.S Abby looks good in green, with her blonder hair and blue eyes.

Angie said...

That ready for church picture is precious! (I almost bought that same outfit for Kassidy. They would have been twins. haha.)

Bethany, I'm bad for checkups too. I haven't taken Kassidy since she was six months!! Bad Angie.

Kirst said...

Who's dog is that?
Abby you are such a cutie! Love the pictures. Makes me miss you guys even more.

RainbowBrite said...

Mike's dog is so cute!
So is Abby of course!

I can't wait until there is information about BabyGalli

Kirst said...

Where's the update? I keep checking. :)