Sunday, April 20, 2008


OK, here is a whirlwind update for you.

Dr.'s appointments went well on Thursday, Abby is now 24lbs 9oz, and 31.5". In the doctors words, she is "great", of course, we agree. We heard the baby's heart beat, which again, is the coolest sound in the world. Made it feel a little more real, although my big belly, nausea, and tiredness has made it feel real as well. This was the 3rd different doc I have seen (long story) and she didn't seem to concerned about my size, so we'll just keep trucking along. I have an appointment this week with the dr. who will hopefully be delivering this baby, so I am hoping that one goes well too and that we can go for an ultrasound soon.

Abby also had her immunizations on Thursday night, and it wasn't so good this time. Thursday was a long night, Abby was a hurtin unit, and I was a zombie on Friday. She was finally back to herself again by Saturday night, just in time for...

. Youth Group on Saturday night was a lot of fun, we had Rock Band going and Karaoke, it was a lot of fun, even if the Gallimore's were the only ones to dress as rockstars.

Today Brian went to GeekFest 2008. Or as he likes to call it a comic book/action figure convention at the Shaw. I'll still call it GeekFest 2008 though, and I will continue to make fun of him for a long time, please feel free to join me.

Today is also a special day, Abby is 18 months old! I can't believe it. She is growing up so fast, and is quickly becoming a little girl. I almost cried tonight seeing her sitting at her little table with her coloring book and crayons, such a big girl now!

It has been snowing like crazy all weekend, it does not look like April outside, it looks more like the middle of January. It is cold and windy and still snowing!

Well that is the last few days in a nutshell. A belly pic will come soon, I just keep forgetting to take them :)


Kirst said...

Hey nice shirt. How come you are concered with how big you are? I feel yah sista with the tearing up watchin Abby grow up. I feel the same way. We talked about moving Spencer into the bigger carseat and I had to stop talking about it because I was getting teary. And I don't have the hormones to blame. Hopefully this week my kids cooperate and I will be able to give you a call.
Can't wait to see belly pictures.

Susan Agerbak said...

Hey Hon!
Love the rocker outfit. Looks like a good time.
Jeff went to "GeekFest" too!
Came home with quite the bag of loot.
How's Brian do?
I hope you start to feel better with this second pregnancy soon. And I am so glad that Abby is doing better. Has the bruise gone away?
Take care, and DRIVE SAFE!
Crazy Alberta weather!

LefthandedSocks said...

Brian, don't worry, I wouldn't make fun of you for going to a comic book convention. Of course, this is coming from me...