Sunday, May 04, 2008

I'm Home

Well I am home, and hopefully in about 3.5 hours, Brian will be too! The flight today wasn't so great, it was full, and I had a cranky person next to me who didn't want to be sitting next to a kid. To bad lady! The plane was hot, and Abby was squirmy, I almost cried when we landed I was so relieved that it was over. Abby was as well behaved as I would expect an 18month old to be when she has to sit on my lap for an hour and a half. It was the rest of the situation that made it brutal, it was a very turbulent flight, and the crankpot sitting next to me didn't help! Anyway, enough about that.
Abby and I had a great time with my Mum. It was so relaxing and nice to be away. Thanks Mum!
We went down to the states one day to do some shopping, which is always a good time, got lots of good loot too! I heart outlet stores!

Here are some pics of our adventures:

Feeding the birds


Mummy forgot to bring a bib, good thing Granny is creative!

Stanley Park & The Ocean

Strawberries & Ice Cream with Granny

Playing in front of Granny's house

Getting ready for Penticton!


RainbowBrite said...

I love the "Daisy" chain!
I am sorry that your flight back sucked, that is no way to end a great weekend.

Tammy & Jeremy said...

Beautiful pictures! I bet you are glad to be home now and the flight is behind you. Rest lots now!

Angie said...

Glad to hear you had fun. Sorry to hear about the trip home though. You should have cried - maybe it would have made the other person feel bad and realize they were being a jerk!

Kirst said...

Sorry to hear your flight home was not a positive experience. Cute pictures! SEriously though where are some pic of you, chick?
Did the lady sitting with you on the plane say something?

Anonymous said...

In that top pic Abby's totally thinking: "Man that mallard is one fine looking duck!"

Anonymous said...

Wow, how much i dislike people, like seriously catch another flight. Your parents house looks so nice