Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So sorry for making you all look at that Ugly Shirt for so long. The picture doesn't do the ugliness justice, the color is nasty, BUT Bri likes it, so I guess I can't say any more about it.

We just watched a new TV show called WipeOut. Oh my gosh! I can't remember the last time we laughed that hard, if you didn't see it, make sure you watch it next week. It is like an American version of MXC. So funny!

A real post is coming, I promise.


Ian McKenzie said...

Should have seen band practice tonight. We had wacky-shirt night. You don't want to know what Jason Guy was wearing. Think, too much hairy belly exposed!!! :(

Kirst said...

I saw that show last night too. It was awesome so funny. Will the
t-shirt make its way to Penticton? I'll have to check it out then, if it comes.

Matthew, Lindsey & Connor said...

Darn!! How did I miss Wipeout? I thought I had it PVR'd!

Sadly, this is really bothersome to me.

We did see Get Smart on Monday though (the new movie). Now that is some good times.

BethJoy said...

I heard about that and meant to PVR but totally forgot, darn! I will have to remember next week, so it's going to be a weekly show??