Tuesday, July 08, 2008

An update on the kidlets

I figured it was time for a stat update on Abby. I weighed her this week, only 26lbs. I thought she might be a little heavier than that, but I guess not, and she is 34" tall. She is growing up so fast and learning new words everyday. She even knows some of her ABC's.
Here are some pictures of her at the dayhome:

This little guy is her "dayhome boyfriend"

We had another ultrasound on Monday and all is good. The baby was more co-operative this time. The tech was awesome and was showing me all sorts of things like the heart and brain, it was very cool. After she was finished she asked if she could do it in 3D, that was pretty cool, but kinda creepy, the baby looked a little alien-ish in 3D. She also gave me 3 pictures, even though they are only supposed to give you 1. Here are the 3, the last one is the baby's face from the side with its foot right in front of its face, silly baby!


Kirst said...

I think Abby's real boyfriend is the same size as her. Her dayhome boyfriend better watch out.
Glad to hear everything is cool baby Galli #2.
I thought the same thing about the 3d ultrasound, yet so cool.
Can't wait to see you guys in 4 more sleeps.

Anonymous said...

looks like a mini Brian in there

Tammy & Jeremy said...

Cute picture with her Biker boyfriend. Sounds like Abby is growing nicely. Maya is still only around 21.5 lbs and Declan is quickly catching up to her at around 19.5 lbs. They wear the same size diapers and can fit into the same clothes (not that a boy and girl should wear the same clothes or anything;).
Any names yet for the new little one? Looking forward to hearing more about HER in the future.

Matthew, Lindsey & Connor said...

Cool photos...
so, while looking at the 3D photos, did you happen to accidentally see any of the baby's "goods"?

Chrissy & Brian said...

No, I didn't see any "goods". I couldn't tell what anything was until the tech pointed it out to me. And she stayed away from that area, so I couldn't have peeked even if I wanted to.
The suprise will be worth the wait!

BethJoy said...

Glad to hear everything is going good with Abby and #2. Abby is catching up to Logan he has stalled at 30 lbs for a real long time now, which is good for me!! Jonah is 40 even and Logan is 30 even, so that is enough weight for me right now.

Hey, I called about your ultrasound, did you get my message at work?
Well, talk to you later, only 1 and a half more days of work for you, till holiday bliss:)