Thursday, August 14, 2008

30 down ... 10 to go

Today marks 30 weeks, only 10 more to go. WOO HOO!!!
I'm getting excited, but also anxious, I keep thinking about everything that needs to get done before the baby comes. Yikes!
We're getting there though. This week we've been working on Abby's new room, and by we, I mean Bri, Steve & Sue, (I can't really help with the painting). The second coat went up tonight, and the room is now pink. We hope to have it all set up on the weekend, so stay tuned for pictures.

I'll leave you with a belly pic comparison. The first one is at 30 weeks this time around, the second is at 31 weeks with Abby. Quite the difference:

And I can't really post a blog without a pic of Abby, so here is one of Bri, Abby, Sue & Ally:


Angie said...

You look beautiful!
I'm excited to see Abby's room. I bet she'll love it.

I'm on a total baby craze now that another friend had their baby today...and my neighbor is at 32 weeks...and you're at 30 weeks!! Bring on the babies! :)

Tammy Williams said...

Wow - not much longer now! I remember going through the last 2 months of my pregnancy with Declan trying to get Maya's new room painted and set-up. Who would have thought that all my hard work would have been in vain because we moved 7 months later. You're looking great and I can't wait to see her bedroom picures.

Kirst said...

Finally another baby belly picture. You look awesome.
When do we get a preview of the room pictures? hope we can see you before the newest Gallimore arrives. Maybe the annual visit? Let us know.