Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Canmore 2008

This past weekend we went to Canmore camping with Brad, Tara and Jack. We also hung out a bit with Dwight, Tracy and Josh who stayed at a cool motel in the Canmore Village. The main reason we went was so I could play golf at 2 amazing golf courses.

On Saturday we played the Stewart Creek golf course. Brad, Dwight, my Dad (who drove down just to golf) and I. Stewart Creek was the most amazing course I have ever played. It is now my favorite course.

On Sunday the four of us played the Kananaskis - Mount Kidd course. It was also a very awesome course.

Camping was alot of fun. We don't get to hang out with Brad and Tara much so it was alot of fun just hanging out by the fire, playing cards and watching the kids play together. Here are a bunch of pictures from the campground and from the pool at Dwight and Tracy's motel.

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Tammy Williams said...

I love the picture of Jack and Abby with the rock. Our little Declan has that same outfit Jack has on (minus the shoes). Looks like a good time:)