Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sweeeeeeeeeet Momma

I just got back from a massage at Sweet Momma, a place that specializes in pregnancy massage. It was awesome! My cankles have turned back to ankles...for now, and I feel great. If you are pregnant, I insist that you go. If you know someone who is pregnant, insist that they go. It is soooooo worth it!

Here is a 36 week picture.

At the doctor this week, the first thing she said to me was "Wow, you've gotten bigger!"
We are on the home stretch now, only 2 more weeks of work, I can't believe it!


Matthew, Lindsey and Connor said...

holy cow! i think you grew in just a couple of weeks since I saw you! Gettin' close!

BethJoy said...

Yes the baby sure is putting on those last few pounds now for sure!! You look great and healthy, glad the massage was wonderful. Have a good 2nd last week of work!!!

Tammy Williams said...

Lookin good still. Time sure flies - I can't believe you are so close now. Dayna still has 7 weeks until her due date but she thinks she will have it early. We'll see. Congrats about getting off work soon. Exciting!

Angie said...

Baby HAS grown! You still look as beautiful as ever. Glad you went for a massage and enjoyed it so much!

Kirst said...

I wished I had done that when I was pregnant. Yeah for less than 2 weeks now, of work that is.