Thursday, October 23, 2008


Not much new to report... I'm still pregnant.
Hopefully Little Galli will make an appearance soon. According to the doctor the baby isn't due until Saturday, so I guess it still has a little time. But I am ready to go, the suitcase is in the car. Just waiting on a contraction! And as soon as I feel one, we'll be going. None of this timing business, this baby will be coming quickly, and I'm not willing to chance having this baby in the car!!!

Hopefully the next time we post we will have news to share :)


Anonymous said...

squat and squeeze !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BethJoy said...

haha, that comment made me laugh. It may work, seeing as you are half way there and haven't felt any pain yet, and you're still waiting!! It may just work. Waiting for the call to come to the hospital, can't wait....:)

Kirst said...

You can wait a few more hours can't you. ;) Okay so maybe I'm being a bit selfish. Come on baby Galli we want to meet you. I wish I could be there to see you right away. Uncle Chris is just working too much.

Anonymous said...

A package of figs and a car ride on a bumpy road oughta do it.