Friday, November 07, 2008

One Week

Zach turned 1 week old yesterday. Such a big boy already, he is growing up to fast!
We went to the Dr. for his 1 week check today, and he is doing great. He is down 2oz from his birth weight, but I'm sure he'll be packing on the pounds soon. He is eating well and sleeping well, and opens his eyes occasionally.
Here are some pics from the last few days:

All ready for the cold

For Grandad

Brian on the roof (It's a good thing I'm not pregnant anymore, not sure I could have handled it!)

Daddy and his Boy

Go Oilers!


Kirst said...

In the top picture you sure can tell that Zach and Abby are siblings. Wow! Such a cutie!

Tammy Williams said...

He's like a mini - Brian! Love the outfits you have on Zach. So cute! I don't know if you heard but Dayna had a baby boy today and she named him Roman Evan Spanos. The last baby for us Curtis girls. Three boys and two girls = a whole lot of happiness:)

Enjoy your little ones!

Angie said...

I have to agree with my daughter, when she says "Baby Ackery is so cute!" I think you may have a budding romance on your hands. :)

BethJoy said...

He iws changing already!! Miss you Zach, and can't wait to come home and hold you again:) Go Oilers Go!! We won last night, but it was tense. Heading out of Jersey today into Manhatten, Go Oilers Go tonight at Madison square, YAY!! We were sitting beside a couple from Edmonton last night, hopefully we'll be lucky again.
Hope you guys are great...