Sunday, December 27, 2009

Random Christmas 2009 Pictures

Ally, Abby and Zach looking very beautiful and handsome on Christmas eve

The 3 musketeers got pretty crazy after posing nice for a picture. So crazy that Ally ended up in the tree...twice

Grandad helping Zachy open his gift on Christmas eve

Abby was pretty excited about getting her new Jammies

Zach in his new pajamas

Daddy showing the kids what Santa brought them

Zachy is his version of a 3 point stance

Abby playing with one of her new gifts, a very cool floor piano

Grandad getting mauled by Zach and Tatum

Burke & Courtney playing with the kids

The Saskatoon Blades had a special game in early November where they wore special jerseys to honor veterans. The jerseys were auctioned off during the game and Auntie Lynn was able to get Burke's jersey. Burke gave it to Grandad for Christmas. Very, very cool!

Ally playing with one of her new toys looking good in her comfy PJ's

Grandad with his grandkids (And Abby. she jumped into the picture. haha)

Grandad with all of his grandkids
Back Row (left to right): Brian, Burke, Darrell and Steve
Middle Row (left to right): Jen, Tatum (the dog), Grandad, Zach and Chrissy
Front Row (left to right): Susan, Ally, Courtney and Abby

Brian and Anne flew in late Christmas day from Vancouver. We had a great day boxing day celebrating Christmas and then today we were able to go spend some more time with them and Mike and Megan at lunch. We look forward to spending some more time with them over the next 9 days so watch for more holiday pictures.
Here is a picture of Daddy, Grandpa & Abby and CRAZY Uncle Mikey (He shaved his head to look like a joke...very funny...I think the style is growing on me! haha)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Few Random Pics

Cousin Ally reading Elmo books.

Zachy eating some Ice himself...

Great Grandad with the kids

Howie and Abby napping. Seriously, all Howie wanted to do was sleep in Abby's bed with her. Very cool.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

First Christmas Concert

Today Abby performed in her first Christmas concert. We were so proud of her as she sang the songs Auntie Jen taught her in Sunday School. She wouldn't go up on stage without her mom and I must say that Chrissy did a great job too! Because Chrissy had to go up on stage we only had one camera going so the two pictures aren't the greatest because they are screen shots from the video but the video at the bottom will make up for it! Merry Christmas!

Abby singing with her class. Two of Abbys best buds are singing with her: Logan Perry is on the far left and Kassidy Ayers is right in the middle.

Abs ringing her bell during We Wish You a Merry Christmas

We also took some pictures this morning before church. Abs and Zach sure do love each other!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Telus World of Science

On Friday, Auntie Megs and Uncle Ian took Abby out for a special day. They picked Abby up at the day-home and took her to the Edmonton Telus World of Science. It sounds like they had a great day. Abby got to see 2 movies while she was there, got to play lots of games, got to see lots of cool stuff and even got to see a big jar of fart. She came home and was exhausted (as were Ian and Megan as you could imagine!). Abby even got to get some special treats, a monkey and a bag of rocks (Probably moon rocks!)
Thanks SO MUCH Auntie Megs and Uncle Ian. You guys mean so much to us and especially the kids. They love you to death and for good reason. It means so much to Abby to spend some quality time with you guys.
Here are a few pictures and a video from Abby's big day

Looks like Abby is in an underwater dome

Abby riding a Police Motorbike

A big jar of fart gas

A big jar of poop. gross. Abby loved this one.

Abs kept wanting to go back and sit on this giant tongue

Auntie Megs in space

Abby the Astronaut

Abby not so sure about Ian being and Astronaut

Abs on a space potty. Maybe this one she'll actually use! haha

Uncle Ian and Abby blowing bubbles. If I heard correctly, Abby beat Uncle Ian getting a "bubble basket" first. Good job Abby!

Standing on the giant piano getting ready to play a song

Abby loved stomping on this giant piano and that's what she literally had to do to get it to work because she is so little.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The boy's walking!!!

On Friday night after we got back from Toronto we decided it was time to get Gallitown ready for Christmas. We hauled all the Christmas decorations out of storage and set up the tree. It is so nice. It is starting to feel like Christmas now!

Zach helping with the lights

Zach had more fun playing in the big boxes then helping decorate the tree

Abby and Mommy fixing the tree skirt

Abby putting on a Dora decoration

Abs and Zachy

Mommy helping Zach hang an ornament

Daddy and Zach with an Oilers ornament

Last night Chrissy went out to So You Think You Can Dance Canada so the kids and I got to go wild. We had some fun playing with the Mega blocks and did some laundry basket driving (see video below...). I love hearing Zach laugh. He thinks Abby is the greatest sister ever pushing him around. I think I have to agree!

Big Smiles in a basket full of blocks

Zach has been taking more and more steps each day and then all of a sudden, the last few days he's been walking a ton. He thinks it's pretty cool and doesn't want to crawl around anymore. It's fun to watch how excited he gets and how proud of himself he is. 13 months, 1 day and he is walking. Good Job Zach!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Brian was 1 of the recipients of the 2009 Beyond award for his company. "BEYOND" stands for 'Behaviours and excellence that you openly and naturally demonstrate'. His company does this yearly, and sends the award winners and a guest to the 'Beyond Conference'. This year the conference was for 3 days in Toronto, and only 2 words can describe our 3 days: FANCY SCHMANCY!!!
After a little hiccup at the airport (problem with the plane, flight was delayed 2.5hrs) we arrived in Toronto, we were chauffeured to the hotel, which is similar to the Hotel Mac here in Edmonton, about 20 minutes after checking in, this was delivered to our door:

And that was just the beginning, almost every time we came back to our room, there was another gift there for us. There was a dinner and speaker that night. The next morning, Bri had a team building activity, so I was able to meet my grandparents for breakfast, at one of my favorite places (not sure what it is called now, used to be Marche) it was so good.

My breakfast - a Crepe filled with fresh strawberries, covered in chocolate sauce and icing sugar... yummm

My breakfast dates. It was nice to spend time with just them, that doesn't happen very often, I enjoyed it!

Then it was off for our 'excursion'. They took us to a fancy french restaurant for lunch, then off to the CN Tower and the Rogers Centre (skydome) for a behind the scenes tour. We had been to both before, but it was neat to see different things on the tour, and they were converting the field from baseball to football, so that was cool to see. There was a beautiful rainbow in the sky when we were up in the tower, I've never seen a rainbow that big, or been that close to one.

The CN Tower

The Rainbow

In the Media Centre at the dome

At field level

After that it was back to the hotel to get ready for the Gala. The Gala was AMAZING! 5 course meal, DJ, live band, and in a gorgeous venue, but the most amazing part was when my husband received his award, it felt like we were at the Oscars! They were called up one at a time, the names were all pre-recorded and when they announced the names this triumphant music was playing. It was pretty cool.

At our hotel before the Gala

At our table

Bri shaking hands with the VPs

Bri receiving his award from the President of the company and the Vice President of the Western Region. (I suck at taking pictures, but fortunately, one of the gifts Brian got was a picture of this moment in a crystal frame)

The Western region Beyond Award winners

The live band - Disco Inferno

The next morning was breakfast and a motivational speaker, Cheryl Pounder, who was a member of the Gold Medal winning Olympic Women's hockey team in 02 & 06, and she was sitting at our table so we were able to hold her gold medals, pretty cool.

Anyway it was an amazing trip, and I was bursting with pride the whole time. I am so proud of Brian, and he deserved every bit of the recognition that he received.