Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ikea Egg Chair

Ally, Sue, Steve and Grammee came over for some home cooked meatloaf on Monday night and the kids had some fun playing. Zach has just discovered the Ikea Egg chair and now we can't keep him out of it.

Zach hanging out in his favourite new chair

Big Galli Smiles

Zach is saying get out of my chair girl

Zach climbing

This is my favourite Ally face right now. She's a comedian.

The gang chillin' out

What? Who me?

"Me Strong Man. Me Ride Big Truck"

I wasn't sure if I could blog this picture but I couldn't resist showing off my kids cute bums!

Below is a cute video of the kids playing. I thought it was pretty funny so I thought I'd share.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Calgary Zoo

This past weekend we went to Calgary to go to the Zoo. The Calgary zoo is so awesome. Mom and Dad spoiled us by putting us up at the Sheraton with water slides. We had fun at the zoo and then that night went shopping at Chinook Centre and finally came back to the Hotel so Abby and I could do some swimming. I thought the slides would be too big and scary for her but she insisted so I took her down one of them. Well, she loved it so she made me climb the stairs a ton doing the slides. On Sunday we went to church and then had lunch with the Russell Family. It was a great weekend. Here are some pictures (Most from the zoo...)

Zachy and Mommy waking up in the Hotel

Abby and Zach playing in our King-size bed

Mommy and Abby

I didn't know Porcupines could climb trees

Chrissy and Abs checking out a cave

I think I saw this guy in Jasper on our way home from Penticton

"You Hoo, Mountain Goats, Wake Up"

Daddy and Abby

Look out little red riding hood, it's the Big Bad Wolf

Ma and Abs with a couple of our favorite Black Bears

A playful Grizzly Bear

I think this Black Bear just woke up

Zach with the Bears

Abs posing with the Black Bears

Abby was scared of the Turtles but Ally wasn't shy

African Tortoises


Zachy liked the Big Lizards

Abby thought the Gorillas were pretty neat until they came close to the window and then they were pretty scary

Mom and Zachy checking out the Gorillas

The Zoo Silverback Gorilla. He runs the show. He was VERY cool and big.

The zoos new baby Gorilla

Ally and Abby checking out the animals (there's actually some camels some where in there)

Abs & Daddy with the Elephants

2 of the 4 Elephants

Gerry Giraffe

Checking out the Giraffes

"Hey Dad, those Zebras have Mohawks!"

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hoedown with Granny & Grandpa

Granny and Grandpa came to visit this weekend. It was great to see them, but I was sad to say goodbye this morning. Here are some pictures from the weekend and a MUST SEE video at the end!

Zach helping Uncle Mike and Auntie Megan look for a house

The kids playing with Grandpa

Abby & Grandpa

On the way to the park

Zachy & Granny swinging

Zachy & Granny singing

On the way home

Zach & Grandpa

Grandpa & Granny with their Grandkids

And finally: The Hoedown Throwdown performed by Abby

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The zoo, cookie time and some walking

Abs and Zach thought the Monkeys were pretty funny

The Ice Cream is good at the Zoo

Following around Lucy the Elephant


The Tigers were pretty playful tossing around an old tire

Abby liked the Tigers

Zachy is looking pretty hip eating his cheerios

Checking out the Sea Lions

Sea Lion

Abby and Mum starting the cookies

Rolling the dough (the next day)

Now that looks like a pretty good baker to me

The final result