Saturday, October 24, 2009

Abby's 3rd Birthday Party

We had a great party this morning for Abby to celebrate her 3rd birthday. Here are some shots from the party...

Pre-Party. My beautiful kids. Best looking Tiger and Lion I have ever seen!

Hanna Montana and Batman

The Russell clan. Monkey Ally, Uncle Steve, the late Payne Stewart and the beautiful Auntie Sue dressed as a butterfly

What a good looking Lion

The start of a pretty good looking zoo. Ally the Monkey, Zach the Tiger and Abby the Lion

At least my abs are real...uh...ok, my ponch is looking pretty sweet...and what's with those ears?

Abs and Lexi

Abby the Lion and Grandad Batman

Arts and crafts

Coloring and Stickers

Abby looks like Uncle Burke in this shot

We tried to get all the kids for a group shot. Impossible. This is the best I could get. From left to right: Kassidy (Elephant - didn't want to put her costume back on), Jonah (Big Giraffe), Lexi (Mini Giraffe), Logan (Chicken), Abby (Lion), Zach (Tiger), Ally (Monkey), Brooklyn (Lady Bug), Sabrina (Dragon) and Jack (Tigger). Josh was just outside of this pic and he was a pirate...kinda

Lots of help opening up gifts

Hugs for Kassidy

Hanna Montana

Opening up gifts

Daddy liked this gift, a mini golf course

I think Jack was scaring his dad (Brad) with the snake

Big smiles from Zach for Uncle Ian

Silly face Jonah

Blow out the candles Abby

The cupcake cake

Princess Megs was all over Grandad

Take a big bite Sabrina

Jonah licking his fingers clean

That's a pretty big bite Logan!

Kassidy loved the icing

I am not sure who likes the cupcake more, Josh or Dwight

Jack enjoying his chocolate cupcake

Ally and Gramee having fun eating cupcake

Hanna and Uncle (Sweet Goatee) Steve

One last lick of the cupcake

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Angie said...

Oh my goodness, those batman ears just made me laugh out loud!!
Beautiful picture of Abby enjoying her birthday cupcake.