Saturday, October 31, 2009

Visit with Great Grandma, Zach's 1st Birthday Party and going Trick or Treating

Hanging out with Great Grandma

Great Grandma reading a story to Abby

This was this morning. He's thinking "Yes, it's party time"

Zach's birthday cake

Abby and Lexi

A good shot of Zach and Jonah

Some of the gang: Daddy, Abs, Jonah, Lexi and Uncle Keith

Wow, look at all those presents. Lucky boy!

These two girls look like they are up to no good

Mommy helping read the cards

Auntie Sarah and Auntie Megs

I think this picture is funny. Zach looks totally out of it

Ally playing the see food game

Zach practicing his walking with Gramee and Uncle Mikey

Big smiles from Ally

Uncle Mike and Zach

Hey Logan, don't you know you're not supposed to be talking on the phone and driving at the same time in Sherwood Park

A Gallitown tradition. Zachy drinking his first diet coke on his 1st birthday

I love how excited he looks in this picture when he sees the cake

The kids helping Zachy blow out the candle

Dig in bud

Starting to get into things...liking the icing


Big smiles from the boys, Logan and Jonah

Lexi hanging out

Ally and Zach playing on a Dora spinny toy

Abby relaxing with Uncle Keith at the party. Looks like Lexi is pretty comfortable on her Mommy, Auntie Bethany

Abby and Ally getting ready to trick or treat for the first time

On the way to trick or treat at Grandads and Gramees
Trick or Treating at Grandad and Gramees

Abby running to a house. She was so good and fun to watch. It was awesome to see how excited she got going up to houses. She was also very polite which made us proud!

Zach the tiger, Abby the lion and Ally the monkey trick or treating

This is a shot from just down the street. The family spends days getting ready for Halloween carving pumpkins and decorating the inside of their garage so the kids can walk through and get candy. Very impressive.

My little Tiger

My little Lion having a treat after trick or treating

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Tammy Williams said...

Wow a YEAR already! Happy birthday Zack!