Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Mini Golf

Abby got a pretty sweet mini golf course from Grammee and Grandad for her birthday. We set it up the other night and had some fun playing the three hole course. Chrissy holds the course record for the first hole in one but I hold the course record of 3.

Abby taking one if her first shots

Abby trying to master the windmill hole

Zach isn't quite ready to play mini golf but he sure gave eating the club a go

Pretty pumped after the ball got in the hole

Daddy giving the second hole a go with Zachzilla sitting on the green

Zach was having some fun riding the Duke. What a good pup he was just letting Zach climb all over him. I was very proud.

The Gallitown girls. Chrissy, The Bear and Abigail Anne

Grandad on the closing hole. I don't want to embarrass Grandad too bad so let's just say mini golf is not his forte...

Chrissy playing the second hole

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Anonymous said...

OK - so I suck at mini golf - I was just being polite and letting Abby beat me so that her confidence would not be shaken>>>>