Sunday, January 10, 2010

Random Pictures

Some sweet hair after an intense nap

Gallitown is ready for the Olympics. We're getting pumped to cheer Canada on!

After we took the family picture Abby wanted to take some pictures of us. She told, and showed us, what poses we were to do. This is a sexy pose for Chrissy...

and this is a studly pose for Daddy.

Abby was drawing on her easel yesterday and told us she had drawn a lion. We were very impressed with her drawing. Very proud. She must have some artistic genes in her


Angie said...

Wow, great lion picture!

Tammy Williams said...

I will be cheering on my Canadian competitors as well, but I must give a HOOT HOOT for the Americans as well. Afterall, my kids may be American Olympians someday...haha.

Great Lion picture! I don't think Maya has that gene yet. She is a lefty and finds it hard to figure out how to draw or write anything and I wouldn't know how to teach her considering I am a righty. Hopefully she learns to write her name before she's in school but we'll see.