Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kidz Quarters and a few random pictures

Last week we went over to Kidz Quarters, an indoor playground, with the Russell's to let the kids blow off some energy. By the end of the night I think we were more tired then the kids!

Going down the slide at Kidz Quarters

Zach chasing Abby up to the slides

Abby and Zachy looking down through the netting

Zach loved crawling through all the tunnels

Daddy chasing Zach. Man my knees were sore after playing with the kids in the playground

A smiling Zachary

Beautiful Mommy trying to keep up with Zach

Auntie Sue and Ally taking a break

Zach right on Ally's tail

A big smile from Ally as she's trying to get away from a chasing Zachy

Zach & Ally climbing the rainbow mountain to Uncle Steve

"Ok Ally, you go under...

and I'll go over!"

Ally cruising through the tunnels

Zachy crawling on the cargo net

Cuddle time with Auntie Megs and Auntie Sue

Sometimes they actually play together without fighting...sometimes...

Zach riding the Duke

We call this outfit PJ Piggy Ballerina

Some beautiful Ballerina moves

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