Friday, March 26, 2010

More jumping and some tub fun

Steve vs Ally

I think Ally is winning!

Ally owns the ring. Here she has Auntie Megs pinned

Was there ever any doubt that Zach could beat the girls by himself?

Here Zach and Ally are all tuckered out...I WISH...they are actually pretending to sleep.

Kisses through the screen for Auntie Megs

Zach and Ally playing

Abby doing a flying body-slam

Uncle Steve returning the slam

By the time Zach and Ally were done their bath I think there was more water on the floor then in the tub

Bath time fun

Ally cracks me up in this video. I love the run face first into the corner. My favorite is the "yeah" after Steve asks Ally if she is ok. Man my niece is cute!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Jumping fun

Yesterday, I got another sweet hand-me-down from my co-worker Jenn. An 8x8 inflatable jumping castle. Sue and Ally were over for dinner so after we ate I set it up in the basement and the kids, and Chrissy, burnt off some energy jumping. A very cool, easy to use toy. Thanks Jenn!

Abby, Ally and Zach taking their first jumps

Auntie Chrissy had some fun body-slamming Ally

Abby with some sweet jumping hair.

A big Gallitown smile from Zach in the bouncer

Abby mid-jump

Ally showing off her jazz hands

Below are a couple of random pics I like

Abby and Zach before church on Sunday. Abby was just starting getting dressed and decided she better help Zach brush his teeth

Ally and Zach on one of our walks. Steve was calling him Elmer Fudd and telling him to go chase a wraskly wabbit.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Walking and Driving

We decided to take the kids for a walk on Saturday night. So Susan, Steve, Ally, Megs, Chrissy, Abby, Zach, The Duke, Bear and I headed out. The kids put on some gear to stay warm and Abby looked pretty sweet. I dare you to try and come up with a color that she is NOT wearing!

Sweet outfit Abs

Wanting to go for a walk. "Hurry up guys, we wanna go"

The Three Musketeers (Soon to be 4 when Auntie Sue has a little one in the fall! YAHOO!!!)

On Sunday, Zach and I went out to Fort Saskatchewan to a co-workers place to pick up a new set of wheels for Abby (And Zach I guess, although I am not sure how's he's going to feel about driving a purple car). The car is so awesome, a Pontiac Solstice, and Abby loves it. She got to drive it for the first time tonight and was giggling the whole time. Thanks so much to Jenn and her family for being so generous and putting a huge smile on my kids faces. They are going to have so much fun this summer driving and listening to tunes on the radio!

Abby and Zach going for their first test drive

Cruising down the walkway close to the house

After she got comfortable she was driving pretty well. I think we are going to have to ask Al for a Petersen Pontiac decal for the back of the car!

Here's a couple of videos of Abby driving

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Awesome Day

Today I was blessed to be able to spend the day with my girl. Sue and I took Abby to West Ed for the afternoon to watch cousin Madi in a Cheerleading Competition. We went a little early and had lunch and did some shopping.

My Girl & I at lunch

Abby & Auntie Sue

Sue & I (Abby wanted to take a picture)

Eating a loooooooooong noodle

Building a Bear

Abby and her new 'bear' "Cheerio" Waiting for the Cheering to start.

Madi & The DSM Cheer Team. They are awesome, and WON again! Undefeated this year!

Madi, Abby & Cheerio. Abby loved watching all of the routines. I think we have a future Cheerleader on our hands :) Well done Madi! We are so proud of you!

A video of the DSM Cheer Team today, these girls are all in Jr. High. (Madi is holding the girl on the left)

This has nothing to do with Cheering or today, but we had a cake at work this week for my boss' 65th Birthday. His niece made it. It was AWESOME. I just had to share it with you :)

Monday, March 08, 2010

Pics that make me smile...

Drummin Cousins

Playing nice

The boy enjoying his lunch

Poor girl, didn't want to nap so was reading her books instead, this is how she was sleeping when I went in to check on her.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A visit with Great Grandad

Zach reading to Great Grandad

Abs snuggling with Great G-Dad

Zach in the big chair

Abby always gets cookies at Great Grandads house. Lucky Girl!