Friday, April 30, 2010

18 Months Old

Zach is 18 months old today!! He went for his check up a few weeks ago and was 27 lbs and 31". He is turning into a little boy, not a baby anymore! He loves cars and trucks and eating, but his favorite thing to do is bug his big sister, but I know they secretly love each other at least a little bit :)

Bri is away at the Annual G8 Summit Golf Trip in Kelowna, thankfully my Mum is here to help me out! Here are some pictures of the past 2 days:

Enjoying Granny's Cookies (the first batch may already be gone...)

Playing in the Jumpy Castle

Eating Ice Cream at West Edmonton Mall tonight

Zachy enjoying every bite!

Reading with Granny before bed tonight.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Swimming and Gymnastics

Here's Abby waiting her turn to jump in

And here she is jumping in

Going down the slide into the big pool

Zach "jumping" off the edge. At this point it's more of a walk of the edge.

Zach loves the water

Waiting her turn for the balance beam

Walking the beam

A good drill to practice balance. The teacher would throw them the ball which they would need to catch and throw back.

Here's Abby on the trampoline

And a somersault...

Little brother watching his big sister at gymnastics. He wanted to go out and play so bad...poor guy.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Random Pics & Video

The Champ. Zach got this from Gramme and Grandad from Los Vegas.

On Saturday we went to Steve and Sue's to hang out and enjoy the nice weather. It was great to spend some time out on the back deck and enjoy the sun.

Having some snacks with cousin Ally

I love Allys smile in this one.

On Sunday night we went to Uncle Mike and Auntie Megans place for dinner. Abby and Zach had a lot of fun running and playing in the back yard before dinner.

Zach and Abby checkin out Toronto Tom and some of Uncle Mikes other fish

Toronto Tom the Turtle

Jumping on the back deck practicing "Stop Freezes"

Time to come out and play

My Beautiful Girl

Zach checking on Uncle Mike

Posing with a puppy in the back yard. Abby insisted her baby "Lexi" was in the picture

Here's a video of Abby at Gymnastics this week. Can you tell the kids like the trampoline best?

Friday, April 16, 2010

A Ballerina and Hanging at Grandma & Grandad's House

Abby loves wearing her TuTu or as she calls it, her "Tatoo"

Teaching Ally some Ballerina moves, and Zach being... Zach.

We had dinner at Bob & Fran's on Saturday to celebrate Bob's birthday, which is this Sunday. The kids love going over there, tons of space to run around and a toy room filled with toys! Here are some pics:

Ally Body-Slamming Grandad

Zachy taking a turn

Only 3 people in the world are allowed to touch Grandad's feet... you've got 3 guesses... tickle tickle tickle

Gramee helping Abby with her "homework". Abby has been asking to do homework so Grandma got her some school books, she loved it!

I think Zach & Ally are ready for dinner

Sunday, April 11, 2010


We had a few "firsts" here in Gallitown this week. Zach had his first swimming lesson, Abby had her first Unparented swimming lesson and also her first Gymnastics class!

Zach loved the water and was excited from the minute he got out of the change room. He had no fear (except for jumping in without holding Mum's hands).

Coming up for air after blowing bubbles

Practicing his tummy floats

He was making me laugh so hard, he would stand up on the edge all proud and ready to jump in but then wouldn't do it unless he was holding my hands. Of course, being the good mother that I am, I kept pulling my hands away :)

Abby did great on her own too!

Blowing bubbles

Listening to the teacher

Either learning how to squirt water or singing about a little turtle named Tiny Tim...

She has mastered the art of Splashing

Then on Saturday was Abby's first Gymnastics class, again unparented, but we could watch. She LOVED it! She said her favorite part was the trampoline.

Stretching before they begin

Doing a little jumping

Practicing the "Jump Freeze" (I love how she hop/walks off of the trampoline)

Somersault & Log Roll

Hanging on the rings

Shaking the Sillies Out when they were done

Abby and her proud Daddy

Friday, April 09, 2010

Easter in Vancouver - Part 4

On Monday we went to a cool place called "Crash Crawlys" at the bottom of the hill from Brian and Anne's place. It is a huge indoor playground complete with playground, train, racing quads, video games and more. The coolest thing was the internet cafe in the centre of the room for the parents to sit and relax while their kids played.

Abby climbing with a friend she made (Clair)

Zach getting ready to slide on his own

And here he goes...

Abby riding on one of the kids quads. Very cool indoor track where two kids could race each other at a time. Abby is actually racing with Clair here.

Checking out the quads while riding a horse

Zach up in a bubble with Mommy

We thought Zach was going down the slide with Grandpa. To our surprise, first came Zach...

Then Grandpa

Zach and Abby on the train

High 5

Here's a video of the kids giving high 5's on the train

Zach and Granny going down the slide

Zach sliding on his own

Daddy and Abby sliding

The weather has been so nice in Vancouver that Granny has beautiful flowers already bloomed on her deck.

Abby watering the flowers

Granny helping Abs

After a quick nap we headed back to Edmonton. The kids had a rough go on the plane on the way home but all in all it was a successful trip. It was so awesome spending time with Brian and Anne and I know the kids loved spending time with their Granny and Grandpa. Thanks Mum and Dad for an awesome trip. We had a blast!