Friday, April 30, 2010

18 Months Old

Zach is 18 months old today!! He went for his check up a few weeks ago and was 27 lbs and 31". He is turning into a little boy, not a baby anymore! He loves cars and trucks and eating, but his favorite thing to do is bug his big sister, but I know they secretly love each other at least a little bit :)

Bri is away at the Annual G8 Summit Golf Trip in Kelowna, thankfully my Mum is here to help me out! Here are some pictures of the past 2 days:

Enjoying Granny's Cookies (the first batch may already be gone...)

Playing in the Jumpy Castle

Eating Ice Cream at West Edmonton Mall tonight

Zachy enjoying every bite!

Reading with Granny before bed tonight.

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Steven said...

Sweet! Looks like you guys are having fun!