Thursday, April 08, 2010

Easter in Vancouver - Part 3

On Easter Sunday we got up and the kids got to go on an Easter egg hunt around the condo. They, especially Abby, loved this! "Zach, over here, Zach, come on, Zach, I found another one".

Is that monkey dressed up as a Easter bunny?

Zach starting the Easter egg hunt

Found another one! YES!!!!!!!

Check out all the loot Mum and Dad

After we went out for a nice breakfast at Rickey's we headed down to the fish hatchery near the Capilano suspension bridge. The salmon were neat but the views and the trails were very cool.

Checking out all the salmon. thousands.

Abs with a sweet Galltown smile in front of the hatchery

My beautiful wife and I

Granny with the kiddies

Abby riding through the forest

A Family shot in front of the waterfall

A cool shot from up above

Daddy and Abby

Abby doing a sweet balancing act. Must be getting ready for gymnastics.

On our way back from the hatchery we decided to stop at the Maplewood Farm in North Vancouver. We weren't sure what we were getting ourselves into but it ended up being a very cool place. The kids got to see and pet virtually every farm animal. A great set up.

Abby's, and my, favorite were the pot bellied pigs.

Staring contest with the goose

Abs chasing down a chicken

Granny and Zach petting the big horned sheep

Abby was a little scared of these guys but with some help from Daddy she got comfortable

Zach checking out a big almost Clydesdale horse thinking is that Grandad?

Zach, Abby and Grandpa snaking up on a goat

"Are you sure I can pet him mum?"

Hi Goat

Zach loved these goats. He didn't want to leave the pen.

Abby liked the bunnies

Big Zach feeding the bunnies. I am surprised he didn't try eating the lettuce himself! haha

As my good friend Bruce would say "Man, that is one fine looking duck"

Heading down to the stream to check out the ducks

Saying hi to the ducks

Cruising along the trails.

After dinner Sunday night we couldn't help it and made Bri and Anne take us back to the ice cream shop. 218 flavours deserves more then one trip.

218 flavours and Abby picked the same one. Blue cotton candy.

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