Sunday, April 11, 2010


We had a few "firsts" here in Gallitown this week. Zach had his first swimming lesson, Abby had her first Unparented swimming lesson and also her first Gymnastics class!

Zach loved the water and was excited from the minute he got out of the change room. He had no fear (except for jumping in without holding Mum's hands).

Coming up for air after blowing bubbles

Practicing his tummy floats

He was making me laugh so hard, he would stand up on the edge all proud and ready to jump in but then wouldn't do it unless he was holding my hands. Of course, being the good mother that I am, I kept pulling my hands away :)

Abby did great on her own too!

Blowing bubbles

Listening to the teacher

Either learning how to squirt water or singing about a little turtle named Tiny Tim...

She has mastered the art of Splashing

Then on Saturday was Abby's first Gymnastics class, again unparented, but we could watch. She LOVED it! She said her favorite part was the trampoline.

Stretching before they begin

Doing a little jumping

Practicing the "Jump Freeze" (I love how she hop/walks off of the trampoline)

Somersault & Log Roll

Hanging on the rings

Shaking the Sillies Out when they were done

Abby and her proud Daddy


Anonymous said...

Granny and Grandpa think we are watching the next Nadia! Her dismount from the trampoline was very creative and reminded me of her mother doing the hurdles in the Journal Games

Zach will master the jumping in when he is ready

Angie said...

The hop/walk off the trampoline made me laugh out loud!

k said...

Maybe someone was yelling "High Knees!" in the background ;-) I love it.