Monday, April 19, 2010

Random Pics & Video

The Champ. Zach got this from Gramme and Grandad from Los Vegas.

On Saturday we went to Steve and Sue's to hang out and enjoy the nice weather. It was great to spend some time out on the back deck and enjoy the sun.

Having some snacks with cousin Ally

I love Allys smile in this one.

On Sunday night we went to Uncle Mike and Auntie Megans place for dinner. Abby and Zach had a lot of fun running and playing in the back yard before dinner.

Zach and Abby checkin out Toronto Tom and some of Uncle Mikes other fish

Toronto Tom the Turtle

Jumping on the back deck practicing "Stop Freezes"

Time to come out and play

My Beautiful Girl

Zach checking on Uncle Mike

Posing with a puppy in the back yard. Abby insisted her baby "Lexi" was in the picture

Here's a video of Abby at Gymnastics this week. Can you tell the kids like the trampoline best?


BethJoy said...

Gymnastics look really fun! nice baby Abby :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic pictures - we think Abby is a natural and Zach definitely is a champ!! Love, Granny & Grandpa

Angie said...

Love the video of Abby at gymnastics. You can totally see how much she is concentrating, and listening to her teacher. Very cute picture of Zach in his 'fighter' gear too. :)