Saturday, May 29, 2010

Snow in May

It is May 29th and it is snowing...lots. At least 2 inches and counting...

looking out the front window

Big Zach

Smiling nice and then...


Thursday, May 27, 2010


Abby drew a picture of me today at dayhome. I don't know about you, but I think it's spot on!
Great job Abby!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May Long Weekend

I know the weekend isn't over yet, but we are home. It was just so cold so we packed up this morning and came home. But we have discovered a wonderful campground, and I would love to go back there when it is hot and sunny.
Here are some pics of our weekend:

My 3 Favorite people


Sharing Bacon

Going for a walk

Running in the field

Bri trying to catch a ride

Abby taking "the kids" for a ride

Striking a pose at the beach

Uncle Steve, Auntie Sue & Abby

A slide train. Ally is in the middle.


Zach chillin in his new camping chair

Eating supper with Grandma


Getting ready for a quick campfire (it was COLD)

Waiting patiently for marshmallows

Our beautiful niece Alyssa

Making Marshmallows

Trying to stay warm (Yes, my kids have socks on their hands, I didn't think to bring mittens, it is MAY after all!)

Breakfast this morning before heading home

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Grandpa and Zachy with some big smiles

Grandpa reading Abby a bedtime story

I let Abby wake up Zach the other morning. Abby was in there a while and they were being pretty quiet so I went to check thing out. Abby had put all the stuffed animals in Zach's room into the crib and climbed in to play with him. Zach loved it!!!

Grandpa and the kids having a tickle-fest on the couch

Grandpa was giving horsey rides all week. I think it's going to take a while for his knees to recover but the kids LOVED it. They wouldn't stop giggling when they were going for rides

Grandpa's face while giving a horsey ride. priceless!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Fun with Granny, Mum's day and hanging out

Gardening with Granny

Sweet gardening outfit Abs!

Nice work in the garden guys!

This picture was at Uncle Mike and Auntie Megan's house. A great one at the top of a tree. Good climbing Abby and Granny!

A great shot of Granny and Zachy up a tree

"What are you doing Uncle Mike?" (Mike's actually digging a pond for some of his larger koi fish).

This was while we were doing some arts and crafts for Mum's day

It got a little messy. Bath ti me right after this!

A snack after craft time

Abby took this picture. I think Ally looks so much like her Auntie Sandra in this picture.

Zach with Uncle and cousin Ally

Abs took this one too. She is getting pretty good at taking pictures!

As most of you know, Abby was selling sausage to raise money for gymnastics. Well, she sold the most sausage for her age group (and actually the entire club) and won this cool backyard picnic table. Thanks to all who supported and Good job Abby!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

G8 Kelowna 2010

This past week, Thursday to Sunday, I went on our annual golf trip with 8 good buddies. We call it the G8 Summit. 4 days, 7 rounds of golf, 13 matches, 1 winner. This year the Clydesdales won and Bob "Big Dawg" Gallimore won the individual trophy for the golfer who played closest to their handicap. This year was a little different from past years. We stayed right at the Predator Ridge golf course in Vernon, BC. The accommodations were 5 star and the golf was amazing. Here are a few pictures from the trip. I am already counting down the days until next year...

The condo was so comfortable. A million times better then the days inn we were used too. The Kitchen...


A view from our balcony on Predator

Chuck practicing his putting stoke in the condo

A view of the elevation changes we experienced at Tower Ranch on the first day

We all spent alot of time in the fescue. Here is Buttercup chopping one out onto the green

Shark ready to sink a big putt

Squirrel chipping onto the green

An intense match between the Big Boys and the Clydesdales

I'm sorry, I know you guys want to be called the Caballeros, but when you dress like this we have to bring back the name "The Gay Caballeros"

Squirrel and Chuck having some fun at lunch

Father and Son at the clubhouse at Predator

Walrus and Skunk

A powerful swing by the Flying Squirrel

There were a bunch of turtles in the pond by the first tee. very cool. I think this one is Toronto Toms cousin.

The 2010 G8 Champions - The Clydesdales. This was their first win. Al "Mustard Man" Petersen and Bob "Big Dawg" Gallimore

2008 G8 Champions, The Caballeros - Bruce "Buttercup" Coley and Steve "Flying Squirrel" Russell

2009 G8 Champions, The Big Boys. Brad "Skunk" Reiter and Brian "Chuck" Venables

3 time (2004-2006) G8 Champions, The Young Guns. Brian "Walrus" Gallimore and Dwight "Shark" Anthony

Bob "Big Dawg" Gallimore

Al "Mustard Man" Petersen

Brian "Chuck" Venables

Brad "Skunk" Reiter

The Clydesdales take their mascots everywhere they go

A nice view of the Predator clubhouse from the 10th green