Monday, May 10, 2010

Fun with Granny, Mum's day and hanging out

Gardening with Granny

Sweet gardening outfit Abs!

Nice work in the garden guys!

This picture was at Uncle Mike and Auntie Megan's house. A great one at the top of a tree. Good climbing Abby and Granny!

A great shot of Granny and Zachy up a tree

"What are you doing Uncle Mike?" (Mike's actually digging a pond for some of his larger koi fish).

This was while we were doing some arts and crafts for Mum's day

It got a little messy. Bath ti me right after this!

A snack after craft time

Abby took this picture. I think Ally looks so much like her Auntie Sandra in this picture.

Zach with Uncle and cousin Ally

Abs took this one too. She is getting pretty good at taking pictures!

As most of you know, Abby was selling sausage to raise money for gymnastics. Well, she sold the most sausage for her age group (and actually the entire club) and won this cool backyard picnic table. Thanks to all who supported and Good job Abby!


Anonymous said...

Sweet picnic table Abby!
Looks like everyone had fun climbing trees like monkeys
See you soon
Love Grand PA

Angie said...

Whoa, I have trouble keeping one Beta fish alive, and he's digging a fish pond? That's cool!
Abby is amazing at taking pictures. Maybe she'll be a famous photographer some day. :) Congratulations on selling the most sausage!!